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In Karate, as in life, everyone is a potential Master, and the ones who show the most active study of the art often show the most potential of being a leader. However, if you want to be a leader, you must first be a follower of Karate; you must also be faithful and loyal to your Master. If a student of Karate tries to bring their personal problems into the Dojo, they will never be a faithful follower of the art; therefore, they will never become a Master of the art. They may even distract the other students and/or violate the rules of the club. Rules are what keep the Karate club or other groups in operation, and the leader or the Master is the one who sees to it that they are followed. These rules do not conflict with the authority of the leader but support it. A follower should have a goal, and this goal should be to become a leader. The school of Karate is for those who wish to become a Master of the art. The interests of the Master and the follower should be the same. The Instructor's goal is to produce a leader; this is not an easy task because it aims at a person's perfection, and this perfection is basically concerned with one's self-knowledge. A leader is a person who has self-confidence, which, as Confucius points out, has three virtues: wisdom, to know others may know more than you, humanity, to accept what is giving, and courage, to never give up. Only a true leader can better themselves and lead others. So, the school of Karate is a place where a person may become a leader, but first, they must become an active and positive follower -- no great leader was ever a negative and passive follower. You must also be able to dream and possess both ability and energy. Finally, you must search for virtue and wisdom so that you may assume the role of a leader. There are many places that you can hone your leadership skills. It could be in a Masonic Lodge, Rotary Club, or Lions Club. It could be in your family when problems arise, the way you react could mean a stable and harmonious family environment. The way you perform your daily job could also show your fellow workers that you are someone they can look up to or emulate. The key is to never give in to inferior performance or accomplishment, always strive to do your best for your family, club, work, or your Martial arts. Shihan Lambdin

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The Nature of Leadership A Samurai Thought!

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